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Doterra Essential Oils

The natural way to enhance, enrich, and balance  your mind, body, and spirit.  We offer numerous classes for you, your children and pets. Stressed, wear your mood balancing bracelet.  Doterra Essential Oils are Certified Therapeutic.  They can be used aromatically, externally and internally. On the following pages will be the many uses, benefits and recipes.


Herbs and Herbal Remedies

Nature's  Herbal Apothecary has many talents.  Energy building, enhancing immune systems, calming stress reactions, balancing our hormones are all done with Nature's plants. There are many ways to use herbs, tea, tinctures, flavored oils and they are used daily when we cook. 

Creative Workshops (Stress Relief)

Join us and create.  When you are creating you change your energy.  So what kind of energy do you choose.  Glass stenciling, Fairy Gardens, Bath fizzes, Natural First Aid Kits, Herbal Tinctures, Your own amazing Perfume, Pet Classes, doTerra Oil Classes.  

Story Coaching and Tools to Assist on Your Journey

Story Coaching

Stories have Many Roots. 

Once you change your story, your life changes in many areas.  There can be many challenges to changing your story and transforming your life.  We offer many tools.

Bach Flower Remedies

They gently restore balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions which interfere with our being balanced.

Emotional Freedom Therapy

 EFT works to clear such disruptions and eliminate the resulting emotional response or intensity to restore emotional harmony and offer relief from physical discomfort. 

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Honoring the Seasons of Your Life is a quarterly event honoring your uniqueness and offering inspiration, serving a delicious lunch, a gathering of Authentic women.

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